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"Better Leadership - Better Property Management"

604 Real Estate Services inc. has proven through the years that experience, honesty and hard work are the winning ingredients in property management today. We are a local based boutique-style strata management company that is dedicated in providing personal, one-on-one service and avoids the big company turnover. We are a privately run Canadian business focused on providing our Property Management clients the very best in experienced leadership. Our aim is to acquire and offer the best possible knowledge available in the property management industry and pass it on to our clients. Our services include full strata corporation property management services for all building sizes, big or small.  We also specialize in establishing proper polices and procedures for Start -Up NEW STRATA DEVELOPMENTS so they may become successful for many years to come.


Our Paperless Advantage: We offer to our valued clients a user friendly on-line 24/7/365 electronic resource centre for information storage, distribution and automated notification system that keeps our clients actively involved in their community and strata council decisions while helping us explore greener and environmentally friendly practices.


We are a group of elite property managers that provide experienced and effective leadership to our Lower Mainland and Kelowna clients that will improve the quality of their strata corporation community and property investment.


We get things done! Most companies will offer either less strata meetings, a junior manager or discount their service fees.  This approach leaves the management services underfunded, and the low fees actually restrict the companies service levels. In most cases, the management company try to recoup margins by overburdening their managers with too many buildings. This means the client does not get the service levels they require. We are not one of those companies. Our experienced Property Managers have manageable and customer focused portfolios that include executive management support to back them up and provide further insight into client issues. This means that our Property Managers will have more time to respond on the day to day needs of the clients and be pro-active rather than reactive managers.


With 28 years of expertise in Vancouver property management and new development strata corporation start-up, 604 Real Estate Services is positioned as the go-to company for developers, building owners and strata corporations across British Columbia.


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